token.FM Fan Pioneer 3 month Plan

The future of artist and fan engagement is here!

.: Buy & own albums that you can later lend, sell or trade. .: Support artists directly with 80% of all streaming and purchases going to artists. .: Collect limited volume digital albums that give you access to perks like artists chats, promotions and event access .: token.FM jukebox model with play credits that never expire .: Retail: $21 .: Credits 1800 allows artists to connect directly with their fans and sell their music for what they think it’s worth. We believe creators should set prices for their art and retain control over how it’s distributed. For fans, this means a deeper connection with the artists they love and the ability to directly and fairly support creators.

token.FM leverages the blockchain to forge a direct and secure connection between artists and their fans.

In the process of uploading music to our platform, creators author the rights to their content, including the costs and terms of use. They get to decide how their work is consumed and for how much. Consumers, whether they stream or buy outright, purchase these rights directly from the creators. And because every transaction is secured by the blockchain, there is no need to pay a third party to verify payment or ensure distribution.

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NOTE: Fulfillment of physical items and special items will begin at the end of the campaign in March.

Quantity Available: 999